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Lizzie and J.

radiate-the-stars: Hey there! It's Alicia from fashionsfeathers. :) I figure I'd leave this here since quite a few people visit this blog on a regular basis. I'm most likely gonna be shutting down my fashion blog and moving everything to this main blog. I figure it's much easier to have everything from this blog instead of 2 separate ones. So if people are still interested in following me/keeping in touch with me, I'll be here! Thanks guys!

Have funnnn, keep following guys

Anonymous: Tbh I feel so out of the loop I'm a fashion blogger (sort of) I don't think I'd call my tumblr my fashion blog I just call it my fashion tumblr where I post some outfits cos it isn't anything official and I know it does NOT make me a fashion blogger I feel like to call yourself an actual blogger you need to put effort into posts etc. Also before I started my blog i didn't know the obsession with Eleanor or I don't like 1D 5SOS i didn't know 1975 or listen to arctic monkeys

You’re still a fashion blogger in my opinion. If you post outfits, you’re a fashion blogger. Welcome to the club! I like 1D, 5SOS, but I’m not obsessed with 5SOS, the 1975, or El…hence the fact I’m a nobody! It sucks, but eventually people will find you :) Keep your head up ooohhh 

Anonymous: I think the last anon is right about the lack of effort in the outfits I understand all of them have a lot of followers and "fans sort of" but I showed the pic of them to my sister and she said they were all dressed alike , I'm a blogger myself and I would have put a little more effort especially since they went to an event and it's NYC .

It would have taken me a few day and possibly a last minute buy at ASOS. 

Anonymous: if the bloggers at the meetup are saying it's not cliquey then why are they posting pictures with only the same few girls instead of posting pictures with more people that were there? and I understand that it's hot but if they're trying to represent the fashion blogger community, they could have all put a bit more effort into their outfits.


Anonymous: The meet up girls went to a pre view showing of dolce vita shoes ughhhhhhh


Anonymous: i think a bigger problem than one of ninas sets looking like one of flos is that flo will basically make the same set like 30 times a week. same color combos, same type of jewelry and bags, etc. thats way more annoying to see


Anonymous: Wait what are the snapchats of some the girls from the meet up?!

I guess so

Anonymous: Grace went to teen vogue I'm confuse

What do you mean?

Anonymous: It's so funny how they all look the same. Boring black

Mhmn true. Little patches of color thrown in but still

Anonymous: If you saw the girls from the meet up in NYC walking down the street, you wouldn't think they were fashion bloggers, just girls who dress neatly in plain clothes. Not saying that their blogs are bad, but c'mon... They're not really worthy in a realistic world to become bloggers, their outlook for the job is all over the place. You don't talk about dieting and boyfriends on your 'fashion blog'. Not directing this at anyone in particular but it's just an observation...