Words will hurt;
You trying to save me, stop holding your breath.
Anonymous: what did siena do??

[rubs the temples on my head] don’t make me talk about it
-A x

lol who’s kaysterhipster anyway
-A x

Anonymous: I don't think you should be classified as a harder worker than the other bloggers on here Kaysterhipster, all you do is make polyvore sets. Some bloggers go well beyond their reach to work hard for example Theclothingkey, oliviaswardrobe and thelayeredlineup.... A very nice blogger, yes, but more deserving? No. You need more time is all.

I know of bloggers who are 10x more popular on blogger/wordpress than they are on tumblr, simply because people refuse to talk to them. Being tumblr famous is small, but being influential on a wider scale is so much more important. ~ JΒ 

Anonymous: Saying Kayla is the only one that works hard for her blog and is the only one that appreciates her follower is a lie (not to you girls to that anonymous)

-A x

Anonymous: I wish hard working bloggers would get recognized more like Kayla (kaysterhipster) for example. She’s so sweet to everyone and patient. Her sets are also good. A lot of bloggers have good sets but her personality makes her better. If more people talked to her they would see how kind she is. Unlike most bloggers she’s grateful for every follower she has. I guess that’s why she cares for them so much and patient to them.

-A x

Anonymous: Olivia and ellie sat front row at manchester fashion week!!!!!!!! that's so exciting for them!!!! I'm proud to say fellow tumblr girls are making it!!!

That’s awesome!!! Congrats to the two of them ~ J
that’s amazing!!
-A x

Anonymous: I laugh when bloggers buy for instance, a new dress from Topshop and then plead how thankful they are as if Topshop has sent it to them as part of some sort of collaboration. It's like no, you bought that yourself and you're a customer just like anyone else, don't make out as if you got that for free.

well you realize sometimes it is a collab
-A x

Topshop doesn’t do collabs, especially not with teenagers. It’s once every blue moon with a big name (DB, Kate Bosworth, Kate Moss) so I see and understand you anon~ J
Anonymous: lmaoooo siena is so blatantly ignorant it almost hurts

i know πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ and people wonder why i can’t stand her.
-A x

Anonymous: omfg look at sienas blog rn -____-

oh kill me
-A x

Anonymous: what do you think about wearing-what's rant about bindis

…no comment
-A x