Words will hurt;
You trying to save me, stop holding your breath.
Anonymous: Everyone's bitchy in the fashion tumblr part, even if they are shit.

wise words, young grasshopper.
-A x

i love when anons get butthurt over us saying something about their “confession” it keeps me young
-A x

why do y’all automatically assume i’m depressed talentless and live a sad life just because i chose to start this blog? assuming is rude
-A x

Anonymous: I'd much prefer to be a whiney bitch rather than a hopeless loser who runs a hateful page about underground bloggers because she's not talented enough to get her own blog running well enough. You live a sad life, and I won't send in anything else because this is the exact thing you people thrive off, it's sickening! I hope you will realise or get caught out one day for this pathetic excuse of a confession page.

Oh if only you knew honey. I’ve got collabs coming up on my blog, but my blog doesn’t revolve around tumblr like people on here. So sucks to be you, because you’re wrong as hell. I hope one day you grow up, because honey this isn’t a hate blog,people made it into a blog where send in mean/hateful things. So buh bye ~ J 

im laughing so hard you can’t even spell naive shut the fuck up lmao. hopeless loser?? not talented?? honestly honey you’re the pathetic one

-A x



Anonymous: And you wonder why people have stopped sending in as many asks as they used to. Why can you guys dislike certain bloggers but I can't? I don't even dislike thetrendbible, just the fact of how she handled getting her ring. It's hypercritical and if anything, it's rude on your behalf. You're a confession blog, if you really don't like my confession that much, don't write "get over it", just don't write a reply? You girls are so naieve!

woah whiny bitch alert
-A x
P.S, it’s naive not naieve

Anonymous: Why the fuck would it be rude to wear a bindi as a fashion statement when lets not forget that people wore crosses on their shirts, as jewelry, and even on printed leggings? Bindis are of the hindu religion so why is it a big deal when people also

stop talking just shut up stop talking
-A x

french-soul: You girls are so nice,people should just shut up and follow you.

Amen preach!! Totally agree With you

Anonymous: People is so stupid,if they buy that kind of things is because they can!

Truth, if your parents have the money and dont mind buying it, then go for it. ~ J

Anonymous: what don't you particularly like about alyucma?

Sometimes she shows off, but I don’t think she’s terrible, better attitude than others ~ J
i just can’t stand her for some reason
-A x