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you made flowers grow in my lungs and although they are beautiful i can't fucking breathe

Anonymous: Do you know of any Europe (not UK) based bloggers here?

Nooo x

Anonymous: whats grace's url?


Anonymous: i swear Grace just sets up her camera on self timer all day and takes the cliché "I wasn't ready" selfie shot. So many other bloggers on here do it too but she's by far the worst. You know I would really love it if some of these bloggers actually started blogging and not just taking selfies all day long with their promoted cheap jewellery.


Anonymous: Grace's blog? Please Btw do you like the perfume Body by Burberry and Pink Sugar by Aquolina? *_*

And I like Burberry Brit but Aqua &. Body are good too

Anonymous: I was at the concert I sat really high up in the stadium so I couldn't go down but it was honestly so loud I wouldn't be surprise if Grace couldn't hear my friend who stood next to me never heard what I was saying especially the fact she was closer to the stage and girls literally screamed every second at every ad for everything they even screamed when security walked by from the back with no one. It's a 1d concert give her a break


Anonymous: Didn't Grace say she suffers from anxiety or something like that a while ago?? I remember someone asking her if she ever wanted to be famous and she said something along the lines of having anxieties and crowds do people scare her so maybe that? Either way she didn't sign up to be famous tbh she doesn't even have to take selfies with anyone I really hope Grace isn't that rude tho


Anonymous: to the anon that used to know her: how did she change? this is am actual question not trying to be rude lol


Anonymous: No I used to talk to grace before she got super popular and she's changed so much like I'm not surprised one bit by that story


Anonymous: They actually tried today ahah


Anonymous: I met grace at the concert yesterday she's prettier in person but probably the rudest person I've ever seen. Maybe she didn't hear me but I came up to her and ask to take a pic and she was like yeah sure then a few more girls came to see who she was and took a selfie with her too (even though they had no idea who she was) she talked with them then I asked her how her day was and she goes I have to go and moved me to the side as if she's so famous. Definitely not as sweet as on tumblr.

Maybe she just needed to get to her seat? I don’t know..