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you made flowers grow in my lungs and although they are beautiful i can't fucking breathe

Anonymous: I've noticed some people saying (not necessarily on here) that sometimes Danielle's leg is bent back at a weird angle but she could just be double jointed in her knees. I am and my knees will go back like that and even some if my friends in FB have asked me "wtf is wrong with your leg?" So just to maybe help a bit? She obviously photoshops other things but just to explain why her legs might look wonky when they're bent back

Like there are 2 different things between being bow legged and photoshop

Anonymous: touching up your pictures is different from completely changing yourself in them like DB does. if touching up your pictures is wrong then so is wearing makeup, it's the same basic concept


Anonymous: I hate it when people buy something new and say 'thank you Asos/topshop/etc' ...lol it's not like they gave you the item to you for free


Anonymous: Bloggers are smart though. They learn HTML and coding for their blogs and also the conventions of photography (photo editing and photoshop). This type of thing is what people look for in the fashion industry these days and they're useful skills to have. I don't know why people are complaining, especially the bloggers on here? I get that's it's annoying when you look at it from an 'omg this bloggers body is a fraud' point of view but c'mon. You have to fake it until you make it in this industry.

I’m a firm believer in keeping it real, so I like no photoshop if I can. I get what you’re saying, and it’s true, but people to overboard

myclosetandthecity: Most bloggers airbrush their photos or use filters! I use filters to brighten up my pictures to show colours better; which helps my skin appear clearer! Most of us use them, not to trick people, but to enhance quality of pictures!! :) xx


Anonymous: Lol but Flo says she doesn't use photoshop. What a liar

The only thing I’ve ever photoshopped is a neon hairband out of my hair x

Anonymous: flo also airbrushes her photos

Ive realized

Anonymous: the danielle b thing is really sad. she has an amazing style and she's really pretty without the (horrendous) photoshoping. now i feel like i can't take her blogging seriously since she's faking so much.

Yep, same here

Anonymous: “Wearing expensive clothes does not mean you have style.” just saying to a lot of fashion bloggers


Anonymous: getoffmyinternets(.)net/forums/fashion-bloggers/we-wore-what-1/ Seriously, you guys need to read this forum I just mentioned. (It's kind of harsh.. And you thought this blog was bad for criticism, but read this site!) it talks about EVERYTHING, there's even a comment saying that Dani doesn't only want to promote her sense of style but she also wants to generate envy amongst her audience, it makes her sound really cunning. I think the bloggers on here want to do the same to be honest...

god damn